Refunds of Excess Financial Aid

Students receiving financial aid funds, including student and/or parent loans, are entitled to a refund of any excess funds remaining after all current charges, in accordance with federal regulations, have been paid in full. Please note that financial aid may be subject to change before refund calculation if a student is not enrolled full time at the end of the registration drop/add period. Refunds will not be made from any funds that have not been credited to the student’s account in the Centralized Student Assistance Office. A refund will automatically be issued for an account with a credit balance unless the student (or parent for a PLUS loan) signs an Account Authorization Form which authorizes the college to hold the funds in excess of current charges on the student’s account, or refund only the credit balance after bookstore and other authorized charges are deducted. Any student whose refund is the result of a parent PLUS Loan must have that parent authorize in writing if the refund goes to the student rather than to the parent(s). Refunds will be generated within fourteen days after financial aid is transferred to the student’s account.