Refunds in the Event of Withdrawal from the College

The college operates on an annual budget that necessitates advance planning and financial commitments to teaching staff and others whose services are essential to its operation. For this reason, no semester charges are removed for those persons who are dismissed from the college for disciplinary reasons. Likewise, students who withdraw from the college, even for illness or other emergencies, receive no refunds of room rent or fees. Adjustments for tuition and board are pro-rated as indicated below. The date of withdrawal used to compute a student’s balance is the date on which the Dean of Students (or designee) or Vice-President of Health Sciences (or designee) signs the official college withdrawal form. The student who leaves school at one date and waits to withdraw officially at a later date receives appropriate adjustments based on the date of official withdrawal. For an explanation of the procedures for official withdrawal, consult the catalog section on Academic Policies.

Student Account Adjustments for College Withdrawals During the Regular Academic Year

Before the first class

100% (less advance deposits)

Before end of first week of class

90% adjustment to tuition and meals

Before end of second week of class

75% adjustment to tuition and meals

Before end of third week of class

50% adjustment to tuition and meals

Before end of fourth week of class

25% adjustment to tuition and meals

No adjustments are made to tuition or meals after the fourth week of class.


During Summer Session

During first week of session

75% adjustment to tuition and meals

No adjustment to tuition after first week of summer session