Readmission of Graduate Students on the Emory Campus

Former students who wish to re-enroll must complete a special application form available from the Admissions Office. Students applying for readmission must submit their application no later than July 15 for readmission to the college for the fall semester, and no later than December 1 for readmission to the college for the spring semester. After assessing the reasons for leaving and requesting readmission, an admissions officer will refer the application to the Registrar, to the Business Office Manager, to the Dean of Faculty, and to the Dean of Students to determine the applicant’s academic, financial, and disciplinary standing. Students who have approved Leave of Absence status, or whose absence has been necessitated by military service, are not required to seek readmission in order to resume their studies at the college. Such students may re-enroll by contacting the Registrar directly. If a student has withdrawn for medical reasons, the Vice President for Student Life has the right to impose any conditions deemed necessary, such as requiring the student to obtain a medical release stating that he or she is able to be readmitted. Graduate Health Sciences students should consult their program specific student handbook for more information related to the readmission criteria for their program.