Explanation of Fees

Automobile Registration Fee. Every commuting student and residential student with a car is required to register the vehicle each school year. Vehicle registration forms are available online or in the Centralized Student Assistance Office, and all accounts will be charged this fee. If a student does not need to register a vehicle, he or she may return the vehicle registration waiver form, also available online or in the Centralized Student Assistance Office. Accounts will be adjusted upon receipt of the waiver, if received in the Centralized Student Assistance Office within fourteen calendar days after registration day. Otherwise, the automobile registration fee will remain on the account.

Supervised Teaching Fees. Students enrolled in Supervised Teaching (Education 421, 441, 521, 541 or 561), or Practicum (Education 401, 501 or 501B) pay fees to cover costs beyond the regular instructional program at the college. These fees include expenses for supervision in the public schools.

Graduation Fee. This charge is made in the senior year (or final semester, for graduate students) to help cover costs of graduation expenses, diploma and engraving fees, caps and gowns, and transcripts. Payment is due in the semester in which a student becomes a candidate for a degree. If the student changes his or her target date for graduation after diplomas have been ordered, an additional fee is charged for the second diploma.

Late Graduation Contract Fee. Regularly enrolled students who fail to submit to the Centralized Student Assistance Office their completed graduation contract before the deadline for submission will be charged this fee; the submission deadline can be found in the Requirements for Graduation section of this catalog.