Complaint Process

The complaint process for Marion campus students is outlined in individual program handbooks. For graduate students on the Emory campus, if a student has an academic complaint, they should first try to resolve the issue by talking to the relevant faculty or staff member (who may ask for additional information and/or schedule an appointment to discuss the problem). If the student does not feel comfortable contacting the faculty/staff member, they may address the relevant supervisor (i.e., program chair).

If any student has a Title IX complaint (e.g., harassment), they may try to resolve the issue by talking to the program chair. If the program chair and student do not agree on a resolution, the student may submit a formal written, signed complaint to the Title IX Coordinator.

The formal complaint should include

  • The actual complaint, stated as specifically as possible;
  • A description of the desired outcome.

In the case of issues not covered by the Catalog (above) or student program handbook, students have the right to file a complaint and request resolution. The Dean of the relevant area (or a designee) will address the complaint in a timely manner and resolve it appropriately. This policy does not apply to academic grade disputes, Title IX issues, or other published policies or procedures.