Academic Support and Student Services

The Paul Adrian Powell III Resource Center (PRC) supports the mission of Emory & Henry College, to be a learning community that moves toward fulfilling every student’s potential – personal, academic, and professional. The PRC provides comprehensive academic and personal counseling in support of all students to facilitate lifelong learning and excellence in their professional pursuits. The PRC is centrally located on the second floor of Wiley Hall on the Emory campus and the main floor of the Marion campus. This unit houses Academic Success, Career Services, Counseling Services, Orientation, and Quantitative Learning.

Academic Success Services are provided to all interested students at no charge, including individual academic counseling which can enhance time management, study skills, or organizational skills. If accommodations are desired, it is the student’s responsibility to register with the office of Disability Support Services.

In order to register for Disability Services, students should contact the Director of Disability Support Services and provide documentation according to Emory & Henry’s Documentation Policies for Students with Disabilities; a copy of documentation policies is available in the Disability Support Services office. Students with diagnosed learning disabilities or Attention Deficit Disorder must submit a copy of the report of psycho-educational testing results; all documentation must be current (within three years of the date of matriculation for high school students or within five years for adults). Additionally, students are required to submit a Disability Disclosure Form and participate in an intake session to register with the office of Disability Support Services. Students wanting accommodations then submit an Accommodation Request Form and collaboratively establish an accommodation plan with the director. Reasonable accommodations based on the disability will be coordinated, once the student has provided professors involved with a copy of the accommodation plan. Questions or concerns regarding academic accommodations should be brought to the attention of the Director of Disability Support Services immediately.

Counseling, in the form of individual counseling, groups, and workshops, is available from Counseling Services, which is part of the Paul Adrian Powell III Resource Center. Counseling Services focuses on helping students meet the personal, social, and academic challenges that are part of the graduate college experience. The services offered are designed to be a part of the growth and development of students as well as providing help during more difficult times. Graduate Health Science students on the Marion campus can schedule appointments to meet with a counselor on either the Marion or Emory campus. Counseling Services also provides consultation and referral services to students, faculty, and staff.

Health services are not provided on campus for graduate students. For serious illnesses or accidents, students are referred to Johnston Memorial Hospital in Abingdon or Smyth County Community Hospital in Marion. The college cannot be held liable for any expense incurred through hospitalization or medical attention off campus.

Also, students are advised that, at all times, on college property or off, or in the course of college-sanctioned activities, they must assume individual liability for potential injuries. All full-time graduate studies are required to have insurance. Please note that non U.S.- based International coverage and short term coverage are not considered comparable insurance coverage.