Academic Standing and Academic Penalties

Academic standing for students on the Marion campus are documented in individual program handbooks. On the Emory campus, satisfactory progress requires a 3.00 GPA. Any student in a graduate degree program whose GPA falls below 3.00 after attempting nine or more semester hours of coursework will not be in good standing and will be placed on academic warning. If, at the end of the first semester of academic warning, or any subsequent semester, the student again does not attain minimum satisfactory academic progress, they may be placed on academic probation. If a student fails to raise their GPA to a 3.00 after a semester on academic probation, they will be dismissed from the program.

Students dismissed from the graduate program may apply for readmission after one semester. Students seeking readmission after having been dismissed must provide evidence of an attempt to improve academic performance during their time away from the graduate program. A non-refundable fee equal to the initial admission fee must accompany the application for readmission. Students who are readmitted to the program two semesters or more after academic dismissal must meet the requirements of the graduate catalog in force when they are readmitted. Students who have been academically dismissed twice from the graduate program will not be readmitted to the program.

Students should consult individual program requirements for specific Academic Standing requirements.