Academic Code

Emory & Henry College, as a community of persons “mutually united in a quest for truth,” supports the principles of academic freedom and academic due process for both students and faculty. Such rights imply a parallel responsibility for academic integrity. Students are expected to do their own work on individual assignments and to acknowledge the sources of information summarized or quoted in papers. Faculty should state course expectations clearly, evaluate work fairly and promptly, and deal honestly with intellectual positions. Failure to fulfill these responsibilities or to resolve disagreements about other academic matters impairs the effectiveness of the educational process.

The Academic Code for each graduate program is documented in the relevant program handbook and outlines specific rights and responsibilities of faculty and students in regard to academic matters. Each graduate program’s handbook describes the procedures of informal resolution of graduate academic grievances and of an official appeal to the appropriate review body. The college’s Honor Code also articulates students’ rights and responsibilities. As members of the Emory & Henry College Community, we recognize Honor to include, among other things, the following:

  • A commitment to tell the truth
  • A commitment to maintain the sanctity of other’s property, including computer data/access
  • A commitment to abstain from all forms of cheating and plagiarism
  • A commitment to uphold the integrity and confidentiality of College documents, including computer records
  • A commitment to deal responsibly with observed infractions of this code
  • A commitment to honesty and integrity in all academic settings.

The Honor Pledge is a statement made by each student, affirming that student’s responsibility to uphold the Honor Code. Upon matriculation, each student commits to abide by the honor system. Further, each student recognizes their duty to uphold the Honor Code in academic matters by signing each examination, quiz, paper, or other written assignment.