Transfer Credit

For non-Health Science graduate programs, a student may transfer up to six hours of graduate credit from another accredited college or university or from one of the programs at Emory & Henry College. Emory & Henry students accepted into graduate programs as undergraduates may enroll in graduate coursework before beginning a master’s program, but a minimum of 150 hours must be earned in order to receive both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree at Emory & Henry. Students may need more credit hours in order to fulfill all degree requirements in their respective programs. Appropriateness of work proposed for transfer credit will be determined by the Registrar in consultation with the appropriate Program Director, who in turn will consult with the chairs of the departments if necessary. Occasionally, work from a foreign university may be accepted if it meets the accreditation requirements of a professional accrediting body responsible for free-standing institutions within a specialty, or acceptance of credit for military education. Credit will not be given for portfolios or life experience.

For graduate Health Science programs, see Transfer Credit policies under each program.