Expectations of Students

Emory & Henry College students are expected to conduct themselves at all times as responsible members of an academic community. Stated rules of behavior deal primarily with areas not specifically covered in the laws of the state and with certain expectations which are particularly relevant to the purpose of the institution. Regulations for graduate programs on the Emory campus are specifically spelled out in the E&H Student Handbook, available online and in the Office of the Dean of Students in Wiley Hall 121. Graduate health science students should also consult their program- specific student handbook for program-specific expectations and policies. Following is a summary of some of the more important College rules.

The college rejects conduct that interferes with the legitimate rights of others, the use of threats or violence or intimidation, harassment, the destruction of property, and the disruption of the normal order of the college. Lying, cheating, plagiarism, and all forms of gambling and hazing are prohibited.

All automobiles must be registered with the Campus Security Office. Students in acceptable standing are eligible to register and operate automobiles. This right may be forfeited by a student who is placed on disciplinary probation or who receives excessive traffic violations. The catalog section on Fees lists the automobile registration fee.

Students who damage college property will be held liable for expenses incurred in the replacement and/or repair of the damaged property. Property damage charges will be added to student accounts by the Business Office.

For the purpose of health and fire safety, there is to be no smoking in any campus building or outside of campus buildings except in designated smoking areas located at least 25 feet from all entries, outdoor air intakes and operable windows. This includes tobacco products and electronic smoking devices. Please use the containers that are provided outside of buildings for the disposal of cigarette butts. The Marion campus is a tobacco free campus; therefore, all tobacco products and electronic smoking devices are prohibited.

Students who violate college regulations will be subject to penalties including fines and probations. The most serious penalty, other than suspension or expulsion from the college, is disciplinary probation. A student on probation may forfeit any financial aid provided by the college. A student who violates the conditions of probation is subject to immediate dismissal from the college. A student on academic probation, who is dismissed for disciplinary reasons and subsequently is readmitted after clearing the disciplinary penalty, will remain on academic probation for the semester after readmission.